About us, about me


Studio — it’s me, my wife and our son — a web designer. Studio I came up with. Vitali Komarov, born in 1947. It was like this.

After graduating in 1972 Physico-Technical Department of the Ural Polytechnic University (Ekaterinburg, Russia), I became an engineer in the field of molecular physics (uranium enrichment). At that time I did not think about any Studio. I’m almost 20 years working in the uranium enrichment plant in the closed city of Novouralsk (formerly Sverdlovsk-44). I worked as a programmer and the head of the group, whose aim was to create a system for measuring and monitoring the concentration of U-235 in the processing chain of uranium enrichment to regulate and optimize the process of uranium enrichment. I even wrote a dissertation on this topic.

Then in Russia started the political process, and I, as a democrat, in 1990 was elected deputy chairman of the City Council. The main area of ​​work I has chosen a reform of land relations and media development. The city Novouralsk was not their land, no newspapers, no radio. Now, that’s all it has. But in 1992 democracy in Russia has ended, the councils were dissolved. I could not go back to the uranium enrichment plant and began a new phase in life — business.

I have invented and created two businesses — publishing and computer technologies. But soon the company had to close: in Russia is almost impossible to do business.

I began unemployed. These were difficult times. In 1996, I, as a private person, began the author and publisher of my own books — reference books in science, history, art, literature, etc. I’ve published four books. The book «Your letters to the «Liberty» was exhibited at the International Book Fair in Frankfurt am Main in 2000. Then book publishing has become ineffective.

That’s when I came up with the Internet Project Studio.

I started working on the Internet, began developing Web sites, began to publish books on the Internet, create Web sites for individuals, businesses and organizations. The Internet has given us the ability to breathe freely.

In 2010 we finally started to travel outside of Russia. Previously, we were not able to travel abroad. We were not allowed, because we worked at a secret facility. Now we can for a time to live and work abroad. For our work need only a computer and the Internet.