Our book at the International Book Fair.
The book «Your letters on the «Freedom» (autor — Anatoly Ctrelyaniy) was prepared for publication by Studio Vitali Komarov and exhibited at the International Book Fair in Frankfurt am Main.

«Handbook of necessary knowledge.» Compiled by V.Komarov.

«Handbook of necessary knowledge» This is a book for high school students and applicants. It includes information on the 11 branches of knowledge. Author in this book presented the most essential information in the form of tables, graphs, tables, accompanied by drawings..

Directory of knowledge required. First Edition. Compiled V.Komarov

Directory of knowledge required. Second Edition. Compiled V.Komarov

You can download the book in parts in PDF (in Russian).
Download: Table of contents(67 Kb)
Download: Numbers and figures (620 Kb)
Download: Measurement (131 Kb)
Download: Matter and Energy (883 Kb)
Download: Universe (3.14 Mb)
Download: Earth (183 Kb)
Download: Nature (686 Kb)
Download: Human (844 Kb)
Download: Society (289 Kb)
Download: Science and technology (145 Kb)
Download: Culture (530 Kb)
Download: Philosophy (122 Kb)

You can also read the book entirely on Google Books.

From the press:

Entered the market, «Handbook of necessary knowledge.» The author-compiler, designer and private publisher of this book is a man — a resident of Novouralsk Vitaly V. Komarov.

Over the years the book trade passed through my hands a lot of books but this one of the best made ​​with love to the reader.

Opens the «Reference» sections «Numbers and Shapes,» «Measurement», «Matter and energy.» These sections are most useful for students, because, in essence, represent a «cheat sheet» — a brief synopsis of mathematics and physics in the form of formulas and beautiful drawings. When preparing for exams, this book — an indispensable guide. But apart from these data are quite rare, for example., Old Russian unit of measurement, calendars of the world and their characteristics, etc.

The section «Universe» opens the sky maps of the northern and southern hemispheres, and then built on a downward — from information about the universe in general, galaxies, stars, the planets and their satellites, meteors, and minor planets. There is a description of the celestial coordinates. Those who love to look at the sky, the book will find many useful things, and those who have never been fond of it, after reading this section might be interested in the stars.

The closest planet to us — the Earth, so the next section is called Earth. In it information about the parts of the world and the oceans, seas and rivers, islands, peninsulas, etc. Of particular interest are tables on the history of geographical discoveries and voyages around the world.

Section «Nature» describes life on Earth. Search answers to eternal questions, «What is life?» and «What is different the living from dead?», the author goes on to describe the evolutionary processes and mechanisms, leads the classification of living organisms, provides an explanation for ecosystems and populations. This section contains a table of information about animals of the Red Book, the origin of the pets, poisonous and medicinal plants, and even records of plants and birds.

In «Human» the author gives the information on the origin of man in general and stages of development of the individual. Then goes to a brief description of the basic functionality of the physiological systems of the human body — skeletal, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine and nervous systems, sensory organs . Chapters are accompanied by wonderful pictures. Interesting and useful information about first aid in case of accidents, the vitamin, calorie, and mineral composition of foods. Section ends with a description of emotion, without which social life is unthinkable.

Therefore, the following section called «Society.» The author begins with table «Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Social Contract.» The ideas of the great French philosophers of the rational organization of society are so deep that the fact of them has its origins in «The Universal Declaration of Human Rights». In the table «On the Nature of Wealth and Poverty of Nations» shows are the economic views of thinkers from ancient Greece to the present day. An interesting table of «Major Religions of the World.» A brief and informative set out the origin and essence of Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Confucianism.

In «Science and technology» are the major scientific discoveries from antiquity to the present day. Proceeding from the premise that the development of civilization is, first of all, with the development of ways to use energy, transport and processing of information is the dynamics of the major inventions in these areas. Interesting information about the Nobel laureates. Section ends with a table «Global problems of science and civilization», formulated by our outstanding scientists Kapitsa.

Culture comes from the ancient peoples. And the section «Culture» begins with ancient mythology. At the heart of culture are language and writing, so a few tables (foreign languages​​, writing systems of the foreign-language words, expressions in Latin epics of the world and aliases, as well as information about libraries) are devoted to this part of the culture. Next, a few tables are classification and history of art, architecture, musical instruments. The tables are accompanied by graphic illustrations. Very interesting information about the origin and history of the theater.

The last section of «Philosophy» you can read about largest representatives of the main philosophical currents from antiquity to the present day in the life, being and consciousness, reality and knowledge.

The genre of «Handbooks of necessary knowledge» exists in the literature for a long time, but most of these guides include a haphazard collection of information on a «little bit of everything.» V. Komarov attempted to bring some available information into a coherent system.

Director of the shop «Books» Tatarnikova

Anatoly Streljaniy. «Your letters to the „Freedom“

Anatoly Strelajniy. «Your letters to the «Freedom»

Says Radio „Liberty“: Russia yesterday, today and tomorrow. At the microphone in Prague Anatoly Streljaniy with program „your letters.“ No opinion, which might not sound the waves of Liberty. Not all the letters I can answer but all of them so earnestly read ...
In cooperation with the Moscow publishing house „News Time“ in 2000 was released book „Your letters to the „Liberty““. Its author — the editor of Radio „Liberty“ Anatoly Streljaniy. Collected in this book, the texts were heard on the radio „Liberty“ (Prague) in 1995-2000 in a weekly program of Anatoly Streljaniy „Your letters on the“ Liberty». The work was carried out with the author by e-mail. The author sent the materials. We compiled a book. We produced a block of text layout. Publishing «News Time» prepared a book cover and published book. The book was exhibited at the International Book Fair in Frankfurt am Main in 2000. Circulation — 3000 copies. Hardcover. 496 pp. The book is published in PDF. You can download it for free (1,6 Mb).

Alexander Pushkin. «Poems and Tales»

Alexander Pushkin. «Poems and Tales»

The collection was prepared in 1999 for the 200th anniversary of the poet. As the primary source used by the collected works of Pushkin in 10 volumes publisher «Fiction» 1974 Introductory article on AS Pushkin — the publication of «Desktop Encyclopedia», 1899

Download Alexander Pushkin. «Poems and Tales» PDF (3,2 Mb)