Flash and multimedia

«Open Society Institute» and the Soros Foundation sponsored DISC «The younger generation against the nuclear threat.» Studio produced a CD of the same name to the Forum organized by the Information and Training Centre Nuclear Cities Novouralsk (Russia) and Los Alamos (USA)


Flash — is an interactive animation on the site. Animation (moving across the screen, change for the size, shape, color, transparency, etc.) can have a soundtrack. It may be added video. The visitor site is not just a passive observer of what is happening on screen, he is actively engaged with the screen, causing a reaction cartoon characters. The site visitor is feeling of power over what’s happening, and so a visit to the site makes a positive emotion. In the flash technology can be made whole site or just part of it. It may be insert a small animated images, can add some spice to your website. This can be a dynamic logo, icon.

At our site (Russion version) in flash technology made ​​the header and menu. Gallery of our designer also made on the technology of flash, but there are active gallery exhibits: you can «touched by hands».

A good solution is the creation of the main front page of the site, made on the flash (splash-page), although the rest of the pages can be produced in a traditional format. On the splash-page the visitor in a compressed animated story gets first glimpse of the site. We can develop for you a flash site, flash banner, flash box to your site.


Multimedia product looks like a flash, but recorded at CD-ROM. The main difference multimedia in the fact that the multimedia is virtually no limit on the amount of graphics, music and videos that exist on the flash-products due to the limitations of the Internet download speed. Multimedia products without restrictions on the volume and quality, can look very impressive. Therefore many companies and organizations prefers to present their activities and products on multimedia, prefers to electronic presentations, recorded on compact discs instead of printed promotional materials. The presentation may look like a continuous playback or presentation as a system of units, caused by a thematic interactive menus. Electronic presentations more advantageous compared to paper-based booklets, as more spectacular (due vidio, music, sound, animation, text, graphics, interactive menus and other objects with which the user interacts), more compact and full of information. The cost of a unit of information presentation on CD-ROM is less than the product in the printing and reprinting of updated electronic version is significantly cheaper than paper. Multimedia CD-ROM — a convenient and impressive tool that can be used for educational purposes, for advertising or presentations. Packaged with a CD-ROM can be provided for the booklet and brochure. You can order a mini CD-ROM with a diameter of 80 mm (up to 180 Mb) — it is a good fit in the pocket of his jacket — or a standard CD is 120 mm in diameter (up to 700 Mb).

How it looks

View a demo version of the CD «The younger generation against the nuclear threat,» prepared by the same name to the Forum, organized by the Information and Training Centre Nuclear Cities Novouralsk (Russia) and Los Alamos (USA) with the support of the Institute «Open Society» and the Soros Foundation, HERE (~ 2Mb).