Our book at the International Book Fair.
The book «Your letters to the «Liberty» (autor — Anatoly Ctrelyaniy) was prepared for publication by Studio Vitali Komarov and exhibited at the International Book Fair in Frankfurt am Main.

Studio has released several books Vitali Komarov and other authors:

Desktop Encyclopedia 1899 about Russia

«Encyclopedia 1899 about Russia.» This book is based on selected texts of eight-volume «desktop Encyclopedia» issued in 1899 the publishing house «Granat and K». The old Russian encyclopedia, written by a good Russian language — now a rarity, not readily available source of information about the history of our country. The book is good because it no the ideologies of the 20th century. The book was prepared for publication in Novouralsk, printed in a printing plant in Tula. 512 pp. with illustrations. 4000 copies. Hardcover. Web-version of the book published on the Internet in two volumes. The first is called «History of the Russian Empire». The second volume is called «History of Russian Culture». Download and read. You can write your comments about the book. At your request, they can be published.

Directory of knowledge required. First Edition. Compiled V.Komarov Directory of knowledge required. Second Edition. Compiled V.Komarov

«Handbook of necessary knowledge.» This is a book for high school students and applicants. It includes information on the 11 branches of knowledge.
The book was published in Novouralsk, printed in a printing plant in Tula circulation of 5000 copies. Year — 1996. Hardcover. 320 pp. with illustrations.
Its second edition, augmented edition was prepared in cooperation with the publishing house «AIF-Print» and printed in Moscow. Year — 2001. Copies of the second edition — 10,000 copies. Hardcover. 368 pages with illustrations. You can free download in parts this book.

Secret City Novouralsk. Information album. The compiler and publisher - V.Komarov

Color illustrated album of the city Novouralsk was prepared for the 45th anniversary of this city by order of city administration. The album described a brief history of city Novouralsk in the divisions: industry, finance, utilities, trade, education, culture, medicine, law enforcement, sports. The album was released in Novouralsk, printed in a printing plant in Tula. Circulation 3000 copies. Year 1999. Hardcover. 96 pages. On-line version of the album is called History of city Novouralsk.

Anatoly Streljaniy. «Your letters to the «Liberty»

Says Radio «Liberty»: Russia yesterday, today and tomorrow. At the microphone in Prague Anatoly Streljaniy with program «your letters.» No opinion, which might not sound the waves of Liberty. Not all the letters I can answer but all of them so earnestly read ...
In cooperation with the Moscow publishing house «News Time» in 2000 was released book «Your letters to the „Liberty“». Its author — the editor of Radio «Liberty» Anatoly Streljaniy. Collected in this book, the texts were heard on the radio «Liberty» (Prague) in 1995-2000 in a weekly program of Anatoly Streljaniy «Your letters on the» Liberty». The work was carried out with the author by e-mail. The author sent the materials. We compiled a book. We produced a block of text layout. Publishing «News Time» prepared a book cover and published book. The book was exhibited at the International Book Fair in Frankfurt am Main in 2000. Circulation — 3000 copies. Hardcover. 496 pp. The book is published in PDF. You can download it for free here.

Grigory Svirsky book «Penalized»

The book-site «Penalized» Grigory Svirsky. Grigory Svirsky — a war veteran who was forced to exile, now living in Canada.
Author’s preface to the book: «It happened in my life — the best, honest people on my way — penal. Penalized war and „peace“ . I can not forget them, and I for many years going to write about them. For most of my penalty box already written. Yes, only they are all scattered to many of my books, and „sites“ the Internet, both in Russia and abroad. So I decided to collect them, adding a few in this book. And now, «Penalized» in front of you.» Grigory Svirsky.
The book exists only in on-line version. Read the book, Gregory Svirsky Penalized site here: Gregory Svirsky. Penalized