Our website of the Public Library of Novouralsk won first place at the Contest of web-sites of municipal libraries in 2004 [ hover over the diploma to enlarge ].

In 2006 another our work - the site of the Central City Library for Children and Youth of Novouralsk was awarded the diploma [ hover over the diploma to enlarge ].


When ordering a website, remember that we do not create websites for themselves, we create them for our visitors. Therefore, the site should be provided the information which is necessary for the visitor.
If you want to order a website, specify the main goal that you want to achieve and we will make a site for you and for your visitors.

Our Services:

— Preparing the contract for site development and maintenance tasks;
— Design, development and manufacturing site (development of the structure, navigation, design, programming, development of interactive tools, flash-animation, optimization);
— Publication and registration of the site - the selection and purchase of the domain name, the organization hosting the site, register your site in search robots, organization tools for analysis and statistical processing of site visits;
— Network Marketing - Optimization and promotion of your site to the target audience in the major search robots on the key words and phrases;
— Maintenance (Support) of the site;
— Development of banners (graphics, animated graphics, and flash);

Of the entire list of web-services you can order just a few. Typically, our customers are beginning to order a site or redesign an existing site, but then, when they begin to benefit from the new site, they prefer to continue to cooperate with us, because the site requires constant attention and support. And who better than its creators know how to make it more effective in a constantly changing competitive environment?

So, if you decide to order a website, send us a request with a free-form. We will contact you to specify the details, we will prepare a contract for site development.

Design and Development

Design and development of the site shall commence upon the signing of the contract for site development. The basis for the design of the site, its structure, navigation - are the materials are texts and graphics that you want to place on its pages. Will be created or php- and perl-scripts for order forms, letters, reviews, and search documents, complex databases, guest books on your site. Your site can be equipped with a java-scripts, and (or) scenarios flash, to make it dynamic and interactivity.

Website Promotion

Website promotion and search engine optimization - a work whose aim is to breed a site on the first page of search engines. The site, which falls on the first page of the search engines, there are more visits. Therefore, promotion of the site - is to ensure its visibility. You can spend money to make a beautiful site, but no one will see and visit it. A good website design and its publication is insufficient for success. The success of the site depends on its popularity (traffic), and therefore needs constant work on search engine optimization for queries of the target audience.

Analysis of attendance

You may be given the statistics and analysis of traffic to your site, which includes site traffic by day of week and time of day, the interest of visitors to specific pages on the site, the geography of visitors and many other things that will help you understand the interests of visitors to the site.